Announcing the launch of the Even Herd Long Short ETF (EHLS)

Our inaugural ETF, designed to remain agnostic to market timing and serve as a core equity holding for a diverse clientele, is now listed on the NASDAQ exchange. You can access it through most brokerage accounts by searching for its ticker symbol, EHLS.

Our fund is guided by a proprietary system that views the markets as an ocean of opportunity. Like a surfer observing incoming waves, our system aims to ride those waves in a non-biased manner. We go long on stocks that appear to be building while shorting those that seem to be crashing. Even during storms, akin to economic crises, waves are still coming ashore—albeit more erratically.

Based on various market indicators, the fund targets US-exchange-listed securities and aims to maintain a net-long exposure between 40% and 90%. We firmly believe that bull and bear markets coexist within the stock market at all times; it’s a matter of identifying them. Our system leverages these divergences among individual securities while emphasizing diversification and other risk-mitigating techniques. As a result, Even Herd believes EHLS offers a robust investment strategy that is suitable as a core equity holding for any market environment.

If you’re working with an advisor, consider asking them if they’ve even heard of Even Herd. And if they haven’t, perhaps it’s worth exploring why not.

And yes, Even Herd is pronounced the same as “even heard.”