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Specializing in crafting liquid ETF solutions designed for the needs of fiduciary institutions, such as financial advisors, Even Herd’s strategies focus on being independent of market timing, leveraging a proprietary system to mitigate performance downturns. EHLS, Even Herd’s inaugural ETF, positions itself as the primary core equity option for a broad range of clientele and investors. Simply put, Even Herd is looking to catch the trends by watching the herd, seeking to run with the bulls or short the bears, no matter the market environment.

Bulls Invited

Leveraging a proprietary in-house system, Even Herd seeks to meticulously identify bullish frontrunners, committing capital to these equities as they sustain their upward trajectory. It is our conviction that a bull market invariably exists somewhere; it’s just finding it, which is what the system is designed to do.

Bears welcome

Just as the system identifies market leaders, it uses a mirrored approach seeking to detect underperformers, utilizing a system to short them strategically. This approach can provide a hedge in diverse market conditions, aiding a portfolio that can be agnostic to timing. As with bulls, bears should always be able to be found somewhere too.

Meet Leon

A fictitious advisor, Leon, discovered that EHLS addressed many challenges inherent in his practice’s portfolio management. Follow along with his journey, while he grapples with hedging, market timing, and passive investing, to uncover how Leon was able to find EHLS that emerged as a solution to his advisory paints.

Even Herd’s Long Short ETF

EHLS, Nasdaq Listed

Even Herd presents its maiden offering, EHLS listed on Nasdaq, granting both long exposure to market leaders coupled with a short overlay to market laggards utilizing individual equities for greater performance divergence, all offered within a liquid ETF. It strives to be the premier liquid equity core holding agnostic to market timing for financial professionals, potentially benefiting a portfolio in any environment.

Even Herd’s inaugural public offering, EH Long Short ETF (EHLS), has been meticulously designed to position itself as the quintessential core equity position for discerning financial professionals and their esteemed clientele. Utilizing a harmonious blend of both long and short strategic approaches and a deep belief in maintaining diversification, this fund emphasizes singular stock selections, ensuring optimal market exposure by accentuating industry leaders whilst simultaneously hedging against underperforming entities.

It invests in the best of the bulls and shorts the worst of the bears.

Irrespective of prevailing market conditions, EHLS aspires to serve as the preferred investment strategy, utilizing a long short approach and eschewing the need for market timing. This approach is underscored by its persistent endeavor to extend its position with market frontrunners whilst hedging against the underachievers, maintaining an average net equity exposure proximate to 50% under most circumstances. The fund’s ambition is to offer more stable total returns, delivering superior performance with diminished volatility over both a short and extended time horizon, thus ensuring a more consistent return trajectory for its investors, not dependent on timing or bias.

EHLS: Built for Fiduciaries

Financial Professionals

Tired of inadequate hedging strategies? Frustrated with market timing? Exhausted from lulls in performance? Want exposure to top-performing stocks but just aren’t sure how to manage it? Concerned with current economic conditions and just not sure where to invest? Leon was too until he found Even Herd. Read his fanciful story to see how Even Herd might be able to help you.

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